Consumer Proposal. Part 1

We continue our Consumer Proposal topic.

The main advantage of the Consumer Proposal is the possibility to cancel a part of your debts (55% – 75%, it depends on every single case) without filing for bankruptcy. You won’t lose your house, car or business. According to the Consumer Proposal, the standard term of payment is 60 months, but you can do it faster, if it’s possible. Today we’re going to show you the Consumer Proposal live example.


Our client’s personal information has been changes in the following fact scenario:


A young man of 35 years old, Anton, got into trouble.


Part 1. The problem.

He worked at a construction, making $27.00 per hour. He was married to a woman, 10 years older, with a child of her own, and later, they had one more child. Everything was going fine: a house in Mississauga, they had a truck and a car. And as it often happens, once, everything turned upside down. His wife was diagnosed with cancer, she needed money for treatment. The family problems started. Anton was stressed out, they had a big quarrel, and here it goes: the court and divorce. He started renting a basement. His driving license was suspended, so he had to get to work by three buses. He had to pay one lawyer for divorce, another one – for driving license and plus alimony. In the whole,  almost a half of his salary. And then the crisis began, so he was getting less and less working hours. Anton had his credit card over-payment, so he hardly paid even the interest rate.


Part 2. The solution.

His friends recommended him to contact us – A DEBTDOCTOR. We saw a person who’s lost his hope because of all the troubles he got into. After meeting with us he finally got his faith back, he believed that he could live without debts. And just like in the negative situation, he attracted all the problems. But after our meeting he started attracting only positive things. The court finally allowed him to pay his family only a half of the sum in exchange to his house ownership. He got his driving license back, we helped him cancel part of his debts (almost 72%) with a monthly payment only $125.00 during 5 years. We helped him to get the Secure Credit Card. So, now our client attracts only positive things: his job became more stable, he wants to renew his car and speaking about the family, he’s finally confident at making acquaintances with women. It looks like a fairy-tale, and it always has a happy ending. But it’s not a fairy-tale, it’s what we do. It’s real help for people who are in a difficult financial situation. Just like others, Anton had his doubts. He was afraid of the unknown future. He imagined terrible things thinking about it. And only after visiting us he got his freedom from debts and problems, and he started a new life.


Part 3. You have us.

Remember, if you have debt problems and you can’t see any possibility to cope with them, call us and we’ll find the right way out together. We’ll cure you of “financial disease”. Don’t wait for bankruptcy situation, call us now.

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