Consumer Proposal. Part 2

Personal Consumer Proposal as an effective way to solve financial problems.

Nowadays, financial troubles have absorbed all thoughts of a happy life. We don’t discuss hockey news, our children’s success or new steak recipes any more. Instead we ask our friends and acquaintances “How much have you lost?” Today everyone loses, for different reasons. The debts are growing and it’s more difficult to pay the bills day by day. You’re shocked, your head is aching and you’re asking yourself in despair “What should I do?”

For a start, answer the questions of the following small test.

How often do you exceed your limits? Do you use your credit cards for necessity or for convenience? How often do you receive notifications concerning your overextended accounts? Do you have to borrow money from friends to pay your debts?

If most of your answers are positive, it’s time to worry and start solving your financial problems. And of course, it’s better to do it with the professionals.

There is such a company – DEBT DOCTOR.  We are responsible and competent at debtors’ protection, and what’s more important, that we work in collaboration with Trustee, who represents creditors’ interests. Among those whom we’ve already helped there are business clients, mainly suffering because of the recession. These are: realtors, agents selling cars, construction drivers, truck-drivers, tour operators, waiters etc.

Our main goal is to help people, our fellow citizens, who are in financial trouble. At DEBT DOCTOR we use individual approach to every client. All the details of the case and the debtor’s personal situation are thoroughly examined. You’ll learn different legal ways of solving your debt problems, including advice to use PERSONAL CONSUMER PROPOSAL procedure, officially declared by the Canadian law the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. This procedure is not so well-known yet among Russian-speaking population in the GTA.

This document includes description of all the terms and conditions, necessary for executing the Proposal for people close to bankruptcy, but still having a chance to save their property. In other words, it’s a formal agreement between creditors and a debtor about the partial payment of debt in a certain period of time and without percentages. Basically, we’re speaking about partial debt cancellation (55%-75%, not including the mortgage) without selling your property.

During the Proposal procedure A DEBT DOCTOR specialists will analyze your financial state: debts, assets, income, expenses, real creditability. They will find the right way of solution and prepare a file with all the necessary documents. Now your debt is $50,000. Using the Proposal, 70% of your debt will be cancelled. The rest of the sum ($15,000) will be divided into equal monthly payments: maximum for 60 months. In this case you’ll have to pay $250 per month, though you can pay the debt faster if you wish.

Creditors approve the Proposal procedure almost always, because in this way they can get at least something from you, unlike in case of bankruptcy. Of course, the Proposal is much better for those who have regular flow of funds (salary, allowance, and pension) or property in a house or a car, as well as for those who can’t file for bankruptcy because of their profession. Actually, bankruptcy is the last step, when you don’t have a possibility to pay even small sums of money. Anyway there’s always a way out. You’ll get good advice in this case as well.

The Proposal is considered and approved during one or two months. Meanwhile, you can come back to your normal life with your property, house, car and business saved. No more depression, no more annoying collectors’ calls, threatening you with court.

Then A DEBT DOCTOR will help you open your Secure Credit Card, with the help of which you’ll restore your credit history in a short period of time.

If you don’t see any possibility to pay out your debts, don’t wait for collectors’ calls! If you have your credit card over-payment – call ADEBT DOCTOR!

Remember, A Debt Doctor Company is a reliable partner to help you in the solution of all the financial problems!

  1. Bankruptcy procedure and PERSONAL CONSUMER PROPOSAL.
  2. Protection of your property by the way of refinancing.
  3. Protection of your assets and property.
  4. Debt cancellation concerning TAX and Student loans.
  5. Restore your credit history in a short period of time. Help with getting a Secure Credit Card